Gitasree Kundagrami


Mrs. Kundagrami is a successful business owner with over 10 years of experience managing small businesses. During this time, she has single handedly supervised the complete operations and direction of two separate small businesses. An accountant by profession, she started her first business venture in 2004, when she owned and operated a franchise of Blimpie Subs and Salad. Under her management, revenue doubled in six months. Her next venture is ZSoft, which she has solely owned and operated since 2006. Under her leadership, ZSoft has expanded its business workings from solely projects with the Federal government to working with both the Federal government and various state government entities, such as Massachusetts and New York.

Nilu Kundagrami


Mr. Kundagrami is a seasoned information system professional with 24 years of experience developing and implementing various successful large and complex projects, Nilu is a natural leader with an extensive knowledge of solutioning complex issues. Although he focuses his efforts towards healthcare policy, he is passionate about the consumer experience, and is dedicated towards making all his product deliveries with the consumer in mind. Nilu did his BS and MS in Physics from Jadavpur University,Calcutta, India; MS in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi; and Post Masters in Computer Science from The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. He is also awaiting for his CFA Charter. He is an IEEE Senior Member.